PAC-WALL™ Products for Your Industry
No matter what you need to move, PAC-WALL™ offers a belting solution to get the done.

Pacific Belting Inc., offers the latest generation in sidewall technology designed for the toughest industry applications in mind. No matter what your industry, you need reliable conveyor belt products that will not fail. PAC-WALL is the industry choice when downtime is not an option.

  • Recycling: Conveying trash and recycled materials calls for a well constructed, multipurpose conveyor belt. Oils, chemicals and caustics can be present and ready to attack the bond between the sidewall and the belt. Our hot vulcanized products withstand even the toughest conditions. We offer belts for MRF sorting stations, Plastics, Pulp, Paper, ONP and OCC, Glass, Shredded Rubber, Scrap Metals, and more.
  • Steel Mills: High-incline steel mill conveyors often run at full capacity and reach vertical angles that can’t afford the loss of materials due to a cleat of sidewall failure.
  • Power Plants: Power Plants that move a lot of coal or wood can’t afford unexpected interruptions. PAC-WALL™ is reliable in critical applications where downtime is dark time.
  • Wastewater Treatment: Nobody wants to deal with a belt problem at a wastewater treatment plant. Our wastewater belts are oil resistant and provide a tight bond, with no areas for materials to wedge into and build up where the sidewall meets the belt.
  • Aggregate and Mining: Feeder belts and high-incline conveyors demand tough belts that can take a daily beating.
  • Ship Loading: Ship and barge loading and unloading in a timely and efficient manner is critical to containing operation costs. Pacific Belting Inc., can provide belting, sidewall, and cleats designed to meet the rigorous standards found at many major port and waterway facilities, as well as unloading of bulk materials.