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PBI-CEM100 Two Part Environmentally Friendly Cold Bond Rubber Adhesive System

  • Adhesive Available in Both Gallons and Quart Kits.
  • Gallons Come With (4)-30 Gram Hardener
  • Quarts Come With (1)-30 Gram Hardener

PBI-CEM100 cold bonding Adhesive is ideal for the following uses:

Cold bonding Rubber to Metal, Rubber to Rubber, and Rubber to Fabric.

Processing: Mix hardener and adhesive. Stir well. Surfaces must be clean and dry free from grease. Bonding adhesive can be used for approximately two hours after the addition of the hardener.

Apply one or more thin coats of adhesive to both surfaces and allow to dry for 10 minutes after last coat. The force of the contact pressure applied (not the time) determines the strength of the bond.