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  • Normally the use of cold vulcanizing or chemical adhesive systems is not recommended when the surface temperature of the substrate is below 40° F or above 110°F, or the relative humidity exceeds 85%. Where operating conditions exceed these norms contact your technical representative for consultation.
  • When applying rubber to metal, the following conditions should be considered:-Dew point -Metal temperature -Ambient temperature -Relative humidity
  • BAs part of a QA/QC program, the above condi- tions should be monitored and if needed, re- corded. Generally, the surface temperature of the metal substrate should be a minimum of 5°F above the dew point.
  • Drying times of the adhesives will vary consider- ably depending on the prevailing environmental conditions. Drying times, as stated in the applica- tion procedure section, are based on the results achieved at room temperature, 70°F.
  • Adequate ventilation must be maintained when using primers and adhesives in a confined space. It is the responsibility of the applicator to ensure that the necessary safety precautions, confined entry certification and manufacturer’s recommen- dations are followed at all times.