Pac-Wear BL45

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Orange is a highly abrasion-resistant Product designed to be used as a protective shield in heavy duty material handling applications.PAC-BL45 Orange is supplied with a special bonding layer that facilitates installation and provides excellent adhesion when used in conjunction with Pacific Belting Inc’s PBI-CEM100 two-part cold bonding adhesive systems.

Typical Applications
PAC-BL45 Orange lining material is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications, such as: material washing and classifying, Screen under pans, hoppers and bins, pipe elbows, vibrating Feeders, launders, cyclones, and flotation cells.

Mean Physical Properties
Characteristic Test Standard PAC-BL45
Color N/A Orange
Elastomer N/A NR/IR
Density (Specific Weight) ASTM -D1817 1.05 g/cm
Hardness ASTM-D2240 45 Shore A +/-5
Resilience N/A 65%
Tensile Strength ASTM-D412 DIE C 2900PSI
Elongation at Break ASTM-D412 DIE C 550%
Tear Resistance ASTM-D624 DIE C 631PSI
Abrasion Resistance DIN 53516 83 mm @ 10n
Temperature Range N/A -48°F to 178°F
PAC-BL45 Orange
Part # Dimensions
PAC-BL45-1/4 1/4" x 33' x 60"
PAC-BL45-3/8 3/8" x 33' x 60"
PAC-BL45-1/2 1/2" x 33' x 60"
PAC-BL45-3/4 3/4" x 33' x 60"
PAC-BL45-1 1" x 33' x 60"