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  • Remove all weld splatter, sharp edges or irregularities by surface grinding. Weld seams etc, should be 1/8” or less.
  • De-grease the surface if contaminated with oil or grease by solvent washing. (Acetone)
  • Blast cleaning of the surface to NACE 1. White metal blast class 2.5 is standard procedure. Grinding using a 16-grit disc grinder or a steel grinding disc at 5000 r.p.m. will achieve an acceptable surface texture. A crosshatch pattern surface grind is preferred.
  • Remove all blast residues by brushing or vacuuming. Take care not to contaminate the surface after cleaning. If necessary, cover the prepared surface
  • When bonding rubber to metal, prime the surface with PBI-MTL-GL Metal Primer immediately after blasting and cleaning is complete. Apply a thin coat of primer evenly, using a brush or short nap roller, taking care to avoid runs or puddles.
  • The primed surface must be allowed to dry thoroughly, about 30 to 60 minutes depending on the environmental conditions.

NOTE: Primed metal surfaces can be held for as long as 7 days when properly stored away from direct sunlight, and in a clean and dry environment. Surfaces primed with PBI- CEM100 adhesive /hardener mixture should be processed within 24 hours.