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  • Bonding when the adhesive is too DRY - This is the most common cause of bond failure. The bond will be poor and spotty. If this occurs, re-coat the surfaces to be bonded as recommended in the application procedures.
  • Bonding when the adhesive is too WET - Test the coated surface with the back of the finger. It should feel tacky, but not leave a residue on your finger. If the surfaces are placed together when the surfaces are too wet, the initial bonding strength will be poor; however, the adhesive/hardener mixture will cure as the solvent in the adhesive evaporates.
  • Bonding with inadequate pressure - Sufficient pressure should be applied to ensure maximum surface contact. The ultimate strength of the bond is improved as surface contact pressure is increased. There are a number of ways to apply surface pressure. The addition of continuous weight or pressure is advantageous where insufficient pressure can be applied by hand. In such cases, items may be left to stand under pressure, if necessary, overnight.